SEOEA Announces $100 Grants for OEA Spring Assembly

We have heard from some locals that local funding can be an issue in being able to send delegates to the Representative Assembly. To assist with this issue, the Southeastern Ohio Education Association will again be awarding ten (10) $100 Grants within SEOEA 1 and 2, to locals who wish to send delegates to the OEA Spring Representative Assembly on May 11 & 12, 2018, at the Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, OH. APPLICATIONS FOR THIS GRANT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED UNTIL FEBRUARY 10, 2016.

We will consider first the following criteria when awarding the grants:

  • Locals MUST have elected OEA SEOEA delegates in the Fall:
  • Locals or members who have never attended, or have not attended in the past several years;
  • One (1) grant per local in the first round;
  • 5 grants for SEOEA -1 and 5 Grants for SEOEA-2 in the first round, if there are sufficient applicants from both.

After criterion above is met, others will be will be awarded on a first received basis. We will rely on OEA records for clarifying attendance at past RA Assemblies. If you have sent delegates in the past, please feel free to apply and a wait list will be created in case of cancellations. The $100 cost, most likely, would not cover any housing, but can be used toward any
of that expense. It could also assist with some mileage costs and meals. When the grant is awarded, each recipient will be provided a voucher with guidelines to follow in order to receive the $100 grant. The Guidelines and voucher will be sent to the local President. The local will then apply for the reimbursement. Locals would be expected to cover the $100 cost to the delegate — and reimbursement will go directly to the local.Grant Application

Deadline for application is April 3, and winners will be notified shortly after. If you are unable to attend, please notify no later than May 1, and if you have questions, please
contact Greg Potter at or call 740-418-8454.

Click here to view/print the application

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