Join OEA at the Working People’s Day of Action

The Working People’s Day of Action will be held on Saturday, February 24 at the Statehouse in Columbus.  OEA Members will RSVP online at the website at the bottom of the flyer which can be found here.  Details and timelines for the Rally will be finalized soon, but the Rally is expected to start around 11:30 and be over by 2:00.  Becky Higgins, OEA President, emphasized that we need to have a large number attend since we are the largest union in Ohio.  There will be many different unions represented at the Rally and they are bringing large number of their union members.  Becky’s goal is to have 1200 OEA Members present at this Rally.

There s a possibility that OEA will provide a bus for our SEOEA District if a bus is available and that we have 40-50 people that will firmly commit to gong on Feb. 24.  The problem we have is we need to know this by Tuesday, Feb. 6 if we have the 40-50 firm commits to schedule a bus.  The bus is not a sure thing due to the limited motor coach bus companies in Ohio and many other unions outside of Ohio is coming to this Rally.  Columbus is 1 of 10 cities hosting this Rally and buses are becoming scarce.

The goal of this rally is to show how important unions have been in Ohio and other states, how important they still are to our state and other states, and how unions build a strong middle class.  This is a show of solidarity with various unions coming together to show strength.  The decision of the Supreme Court with the case of Janus vs, AFSCME coming by June 29 on Fair Share Fee and the House and Senate in our state with Right to Work legislation is just a couple good reasons why we need to show strength.

Please share this info and Flyer with your members of your locals unions and colleagues.  SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!!!!

Please contact Greg Potter at by Feb. 6 at 3:00 PM if you are strongly committing to go to the Rally to possibly schedule a bus if they are still available.  We know this is short notice, but we just received this information late this afternoon.  If a bus is secured, we will make Jackson as the meeting point. Time and place in Jackson will be determined at a later time.

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