OEA Endorsed Candidates

When voters cast their ballots this year in the critically-important national and state races, the Ohio Education Association (OEA) strongly believes Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for President/Vice President of the United States.  These two are the best choice for the future of public education in the nation and state.

In another important state race, OEA has endorsed Judge John O’Donnell and Judge Jennifer Brunner for the Ohio Supreme Court.  “Ohio’s next Supreme Court justices are likely to make important decisions that will impact public education in Ohio,” said OEA President Scott DiMauro. “OEA believes Ohio students and educators would be well-served by having Jennifer Brunner and John O’Donnell on the state’s highest court.”

For a list of other statewide endorsements, please click here.  

Register to Vote
This is the most important election of our lifetime. We need to elect pro-public education candidates from the Whitehouse to the Statehouse, which why we wanted to make sure you know that there is only ONE WEEK LEFT to register to vote in Ohio. The deadline is October 5th. That means you also only have one week left to update your registration.

Have you moved? Were you accidentally purged from the voter rolls? MAKE SURE you’re registered using this online tool.

Most Ohioans can update their voter registration (or register for the first time!) online.

Don’t miss your chance to make your voice heard in this historic election! Check / update your voter registration today!

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