OEA/SEOEA Delegate Elections

In order that Southeastern delegates have their voices heard on important issues facing OEA, locals need to make sure they elect and send all eligible delegates to the Representative Assemblies.

We have prepared this delegate election information portal to assist you. You can download any of these document templates or click on the hyperlinks to help you elect delegates to the SEOEA RA, OEA RA and the NEA RA,

Here’s a brief description for each delegate category.

OEA Representative Assembly Delegate

October 10th is the deadline for local associations to conduct their local OEA Representative Assembly delegate elections.

October 15 is the deadline for submission of names of elected local delegates and alternates to the OEA Representative Assemblies as required by OEA Constitutions/Bylaws.

This Fall 2020, OEA is continuing to use an online delegate reporting portal for your OEA-RA Delegates/Alternates. Local presidents or their designee may report the required information online at: https://delegates.ohea.org

First time logging in? you can create an account, by visiting: https://delegates.ohea.org/Account/Register

When creating an account, be prepared to provide your first and last name, the last 4 of the social security number OR date of birth, and your OEA Member ID. Please note, you can find your Member ID on the address label for your Ohio Schools magazine or you can contact the OEA Member Help Line at membership@ohea.org or 1-844-OEA-Info (1-844-632-4636). If you signed up last year and do not remember your password, you can request a new password on the website.

For further details about the online delegate reporting system for OEA-RA Delegates and Alternates, Click here for additional details and how to create an account.

SEOEA Representative Delegate

Semi-annual meetings of the SEOEA Representative Assembly will be held, fall and the spring each school year.  Representative Assembly will be held at LaRosa’s Restaurant, in Jackson, OH with registration at 5:00 P.M., dinner beginning at 5:30 P.M., and the meeting beginning at 6:15P.M.

The SEOEA Constitution states that the Representative Assembly shall be composed of members of the Executive Committee and of delegates elected from affiliated local associations in the ratio of one representative and one alternate for each 50 SEOEA members, or fraction thereof.  SEOEA members elected to the OEA Representative Assembly shall also serve as delegates to the SEOEA Representative Assembly by virtue of office as OEA delegates.

The names of delegates and alternates must be returned to the Executive Director, postmarked by October 22 (21 days before the fall RA).   Delegates and alternates elected in the fall also serve as delegates or alternates in the spring.

Click here to view the SEOEA RA Delegate Report Form.


If you have further questions regarding elections, please contact William Baird at OEA at 800-282-1500 ext. 3169.

Please read the OEA-established regulations for holding elections which you can also find at OEA Elections Manual.  Also, be sure to read the election rules in your local’s Constitution and By-Laws.  

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