Declaration of Candidacy Forms

2015 NEA RA State At-Large Delegate Declaration of Candidacy Form (deadline-1/31/15)

2015 OEA Statewide and Board of Directors Electoral Unit Declaration of Candidacy Form (deadline varies from 1/30/15 – 2/22/15)

Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance Information Request

Teaching Resources

Ref Desk – “The Best Source for Facts on the Net”
Artificial Anatomy: Paper Mache Anatomical Models – Study some of the ways people learned about the human body in the past. Look at these paper mache models of humans, animals, and flowers to show students history intersecting with life science and preservation of the arts. Let students try to identify the close-ups of parts of one of the models, Jerome.
Kathy Schrocks Resource Page – An endless amount of resources and links to help the classroom teacher.
Mapquest – Where to go and how to get there.
The Weather Channel – A variety of weather-related resources and links.
SparkNotes – A tremendous resource for reference and remediation of virtually every topic.
Rubistar – Easy-to-create rubrics for your classroom projects.
Funbrains (Quizzes) – Have you ever struggled to find enough hours in the day to grade those quizzes to reinforce what you are doing in the classroom? If you have, then we may have just the site for you. At “Funbrains” you can either choose from a bank or quizzes/tests or create/customize your own. True/false, multiple choice, short answer, they are all there! But, here’s the good part; it grades these quizzes for you! The site covers all subject areas and all grade levels. Not only will it grade the work for you, it will also send the results to you via email. Students can do the work on any computer, at home or school! (It’s great for those students who are being tutored at home due to illness, etc.). Oh, and just one more thing, it’s FREE! Yes, you can upgrade from your free package for only $29.95, but that is strictly optional on your part. So, if you are looking for alternatives to taking home stacks of papers each evening you may want to consider this site.
The Wired Classroom – The Education Technology Journal
Cable in the Classroom
Education Institutions in Southeastern Ohio

Ohio University
Athens County
Alexander Schools
Gallia County
Buckeye Hills Career Center
Gallipolis City Schools
Gallia County Local Schools
Hocking County
Logan Hocking Schools
Jackson County
Jackson City Schools
Wellston City Schools
Meigs County
Eastern Local Schools
Meigs Local Schools
Vinton County
Vinton County Schools
Washington County
Marietta City Schools
Belpre City Schools
Fort Frye Local Schools
Warren Local Schools
Wolfe Creek Local Schools
Washington County Career Center
Government Resources

U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
Ohio House of Representatives
Ohio Senate
Ohio Department of Education

Other Education Association Links

The National Education Association
The Ohio Education Association