SEOEA Representative Assemblies

The following description of the Representative Assembly business agenda is taken from the SEOEA Constitution:

Section 1.

Semi-annual meeting of the Representative Assembly shall be held in the fall and spring.

a. The fall meeting shall convene to adopt a legislative program and conduct necessary business.

b. The spring meeting shall convene to evaluate the legislative program, adopt the annual budget, act on items of the new business, act on resolutions and elect officers of the Association.

The following description of the composition of the members of the Representative Assembly is taken from the SEOEA Constitution.

Section 2

The Representative Assembly shall be composed of members of the Executive Committee and of delegates chosen from affiliated local associations in the ratio of one representative and one alternate for each 50 SEOEA members, or fraction thereof, who have paid annual membership dues for the current year. The President of the affiliated local association entitled to representation shall arrange for the election of the delegates and alternates by secret ballot and certify their names to the Executive Director no later than 21 days before the fall assembly. Locals failing to certify names prior to the 21-day deadline and wishing to be seated at the Representative Assembly shall meet with the Credentials Committee prior to the RA to verify that delegates were elected in a timely manner and to explain the reason for failure to provide certification. The decision of the Credentials Committee will be reported to the RA by the Chairperson of the Convention Planning Committee. Delegates elected to the fall shall serve for one year. SEOEA members elected to the OEA Representative Assembly shall serve as delegates to the SEOEA Representative Assembly by virtue of office as OEA delegates.